# Change Log

Trovo embedding domain change

March 9, 2022

Trovo embeding domain change to player.trovo.live. Please refer to Embedded (opens new window) for the newest info

Domain whitelist for Trovo embedding

March 8, 2022

Starting from March 8th 2022, Only whitelisted domains will be able to use Trovo embedding. Please refer to Applying with your domain (opens new window) for more info.

Chat Service added send_time:

January 24, 2022

Trovo Chat Service CHAT message (opens new window) added send_time for the timestamp of the message

New Trovo API endpoint:

December 31, 2021

Trovo API endpoint added: Get Clips Info (opens new window) and Get Past Streams Info (opens new window)

New Trovo API endpoint:

October 13, 2021

Trovo API endpoint added: Get Live Stream Urls (opens new window) (access limited to specific clients)

Enhancement: sub_tier

Sept 30, 2021

Now sub_tier is added in Get Subscribers (opens new window) and CHAT message (opens new window) to describe the user's sub tier

New Trovo API endpoints and chat service message type updates

August 27, 2021

Trovo API endpoints added:

Trovo chat service message type updates:

  • Unfollow message has been added

Enhancement: Stream on/off messages in WSS

July 6, 2021

A new message type 5012: Stream on/off messages is added in chat message (opens new window) when stream start and end.

Enhancement: Announce stream start and end within 5.3(Get top channels) and 5.5(Get Channel Info by ID) endpoints

July 2, 2021

Now started_at and ended_at is added in 5.3.(Get top channels.) and 5.5.(Get Channel Info by ID.) to describe the start and end time of live. And you can use username as request parameter in 5.5.(Get Channel Info by ID.) to get channel info.

Enhancement: Custom Role

July 1, 2021

Now custom_role is added in chat message (opens new window) to describe the custom role name and type.

Enhancement: Subscription Message

June 17, 2021

Now you can distinguish between first-time subscription and re-subscription by new added field isReSub within content data.

Enhancement: Refresh Token

May 26, 2021

Now the API refresh token returns a valid new refresh token by day with a 30 days' lifetime, which means you can refresh continuously without worrying about expiration.

If you don not need a new refresh_token when refreshing, just ignore it, as the initial refresh_token generated by exchangtoken is also valid during its lifetime; Instead, you'd better store the new generated refresh_token for further usage.

Enhancement: Chat Service

May 19, 2021

Now chat message (opens new window) add gift_id, gift_value and value_type in gift barrage content(See it in data.content). Also, more improvements on unifying different barrage content structure will be released later.

New Feature Release

April 29, 2021

Today we launched a new Developer Portal where the developer community can gather and get access to the Trovo toolkit for developers.

You can access to resources about how to build on top of the Trovo platform, includes:

  • Trovo API for web and application developers
  • Chat services
  • Embeded Trovo player

Note: Only new applications wiil be displayed. You need to email to developer@trovo.live with cliend id and username to link existed applications with your Trovo account.

Take a look, and let us know what you think!